Nueva edición de sets trébol. Un conjunto de espléndidos accesorios que combinados dan un toque maravilloso y único a tu ropa.

Cadena trébol : size 18 pulgadas 

Aretes trébol: size mediano 12x12 ( tamaño original VC)

Brazalete trébol: Size 7 pulgadas ( tamaño de las flores 12x12! Tamaño original VC) 




Set: cadena simple roja + brazalete + aretes

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Stacey Watson


Just one word about the build quality: Excellent - nothing more to say!

Wilfred Pratt

Music Producer

Exceptional quality and fast shipping. Just what I was looking for.

Erin James


Beautiful craftsmanship as always.

Mabel Parker

Interior Designer

I already had high expectations based on my previous purchases, but I am still above satisfied!

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